Allu Arjun Decides To Follow Mahesh Babu!


Allu Arjun wanted to invest into theatre business like his father, Allu Aravind. Aravind started distribution under Geetha Arts and bought theatres to renovate them.

Slowly, Suresh Babu, Asian Sunil, Dil Raju also followed his example and he is one among the big distributors who are alleged to have killed small budget cinema for their gains.

Mahesh Babu with a private organization decided to construct his own multiplex chain in the name AMB Cinemas. In Hyderabad, the multiplex has started gaining traction from public due to its location and seating.

Now, Allu Arjun with Asian group bought Satyam Theatre in Ameerpet and decided join the private organization that helped Mahesh realise his dream.

His multiplex chain will be called AAA, it seems. Asian Allu Aravind is the full form of the name, it seems.

Even though Allu Arjun is investing his own money, he wants to use his father’s name and show his gratitude, it seems.

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