Allu Arjun Listens But Doesn’t Accept – Parasuram


Allu Arjun is known in the Industry as a friend of young talents. He has a habit of welcoming new talent that he likes to his office and discussing ideas with them.

“He listens to many stories, gives feedback but doesn’t take it forward that easily to sets,” said Parasuram

The writer and director, who has great association with Geeta Arts and who made Geetha Govindam said this about Allu Arjun.

When asked about his movie with Stylish Star, he said, “I would love to direct him and it will an honour to me. But Bunny doesn’t accept a story easily. He listens to many but never accepted any of my stories to be made as a film.”

So, by going with the Industry buzz, we can safely conclude that Bunny is a tough task master to please and hence, he has so many hits.