Allu Arjun Saving Grace for Rudhramadevi in Two Angles!


Gona-Ganna-ReddyGunasekhar’s historical entertainer ‘Rudhramadevi’ hit the screens today in record number of centers across the globe. Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Gona Gannareddy role is being well acclaimed by all sections. As expected earlier, he has come up with powerful performance with dialogues uttered in intense pitch in Telangana dialect. His dialogues like  ‘Gammunundavo’ received whistles from the audiences. Audiences On a whole, it appeared Allu Arjun is the saving grace of the film as he had made his presence felt by living in the character Gona Gannareddy.

As we all know, Allu Arjun has come forward, for doing Gona Gannareddy’s role, when crores of money was at stake and Gunasekhar was facing financial issues then. Finally, the movie has seen light and was released today without any interruption. As such, Allu Arjun appeared to be saving grace of ‘Rudhramadevi’ both in on and off screens.

In the meanwhile, ‘Rudhramadevi’ got very good openings on the release day. The movie is expected to collect fairly good share on the day one of its release in Telugu states and other areas. Gunasekhar has produced and directed the movie on Guna Team Works.