Allu Arjun Says ‘Insha Allah’, Audience Stunned


Allu-Arjun-beats-ChiranjeevFrom some time back, Allu Arjun is becoming the favourite child of controversies, as everything he does to everything he utters is slowly taking a controversial turn. Other day at Filmfare Awards, when he said “Insha Allah”, almost all the audiences are surprised, stunned and shocked too.

When Allu Sirish stated that hero Vijay Devarakonda is wishing that he will get next year Filmfare Best Actor Award, Bunny said, “Hopefully, Insha Allah”. For a second he has sounded like a Shahrukh Khan, but what’s the intention behind uttering the words “Insha Allah” is what stunned everyone.

Bunny is a practicing Hindu and he never embraced anything related to Islam. Did he say just like that? Or he imitated some Khan heroes? One word and many unanswered questions.

Secularists, however say, “Bunny has said the word ‘God help him’ in Arabic and there is nothing wrong in it. A guy practising any religion would ultimately pray to a supreme power. Each religion might name that power with a different name, but surely all are one”.