Allu Arjun Serious Warning To Fan


Being an actor with super star image and fan following is a daunting task. Everybody’s eyes on the star right from the time they make an appearance off the screen. Few days back Megastar Chiranjeevi irked with one of his fan behaviour and called him as stupid fellow which went viral.

Now a video of Allu Arjun is doing rounds in media. Bunny who recently entertained as Gona Ganna Reddy went to his wife Sneha reddy native place to celebrate  Dusshera festival along with his family members

Locals who knew about Bunny’s arrival rushed to the  house where he stayed.Bunny also entertained them by uttering few dialogues in telangana slang.But one of the fan irked Bunny and he was warned by the star  for  his bad behaviour in public

Enthusiasm of fans to meet their favourite star is totally understandable. But one should be realized that the star heroes also need space for themselves.