Allu Arjun Trolled For Fake Patriotism


Stylish Star Allu Arjun got a huge shock on his birthday. It is known that Bunny is getting ready to show his power as an Army Officer in his upcoming patriotic entertainer Naa Peru Surya-Naa Illu India.

The filmmakers decided to delight all his fans by releasing the impact teaser. It indeed created powerful impact with the stylish star thundering as Army Officer Surya saying, “South India… North India… East…West… anni India lu veru ra manaki… okkate India”, after a goon insults him calling him a ‘South Indian Bugger’ in a pub.

Though the dialogue delighted all his fans for the powerful patriotic flavor, netizens found fault with Bunny’s fake patriotism. They questioned him how can he claim to be a South Indian actor in his profile rather than an actor on social media and now talk of one India in his film.

While some say Bunny should have been careful before releasing the impact teaser. Others say there is nothing wrong as Bunny just delivered the dialogues suited for his role. They point out even Super Star Rajinikanth is referred to as Kollywood or South Indian Super Star.