Allu Arjun wooing fans of NTR & ANR


Allu Arjun seems to be of the opinion that attracting the fans of all the heroes could help him improve his reach/market further. He is now consciously working on winning the hearts of Nandamuri & Akkineni Fans apart from Mega Fans.

In the newly released ‘Seeti Maar’ promo, Allu Arjun imitates iconic dance moments of NTR, ANR and Chranjeevi. The lyrics ‘NTR…ANR…Megastar…Ninnu Chusthe Vijilesthar’ have been used quite effectively here.

Usually, Tollywood Stars ensure there is no reference to Heroes from other established families. To everyone’s surprise, Bunny went on to imitate Legends like NTR and ANR for reaching out to their vast fan base. He seems to be on a mission not just in ‘DJ’ but off the screen as well.