Allu Arjun’s Indirect Satires on Charan?


allu-arjun-and-ram-charanAllu Arjun, who has allegedly been waging a cold war with Pawan Kalyan’s fans, has now reportedly angered Ram Charan’s fans because of his loose tongue.
In a recent interview, when asked about which film or song of Megastar Chiranjeevi would he like to remake or remix, Bunny replied that he believes Megastar has a style that no one can replicate. ‘I don’t think trying to imitate him is a wise thing to do, hence I have stayed away from remixing his songs. Moreover, I like to be original,’ reportedly added Bunny.

In his bid to explain why he didn’t touch Megastar’s work, Bunny may have unintentionally taken potshots at Ram Charan who has remixed good number of his father’s songs. Charan has even confessed at times that he would love to remake ‘Gang Leader’. Mega fans have also on occasions expressed their happiness on seeing Charan in iconic songs and films of Megastar.

Bunny may not have targeted Charan but his comments have not gone well with Charan’s fans and discussions have already started on social media in this regard.