Allu Hero Is Firing On China


Allu-Hero-Is-Firing-On-ChinaIt is known that the situation is tense between India-China at present.  India is condemning China’s argument that it has rights on some parts of Sikkim. Mega family hero Allu Sirish has responded on this issue now.

This young Allu hero expresses his opinions on various occasions.  He lands into controversies sometimes because of his comments.. He tries to answer in such a situations.. or completely ignores it in such a situations.  In a recent development, Allu Sirish has expressed his opinion on India-China war.  He tweeted that “We lost 1962 war to China but won other battles against them. I support our govt in not giving into Chinese bullying.” Along with the tweet, he has shared an article related to India-China war.  In another tweet he said that “I wish for friendly relations with our neighbours, but no big brother attitude. As Abdul J Kalam ji said -Only strength respects strength.”

Patriotism is slightly high in Sirish.  That’s the reason why Sirish worked on a Malayalam film ‘1971-Beyond Borders’ after ‘Srirastu Shubhamastu’.  Makers are planning to release Telugu version of this film ‘1971-Bharata Sarihadddu’ soon.