Allu Sirish Reveals relation with Shriya Bhupal


Shriya-Bhupal-is-My-Baby-SisterFew party pictures of Allu Sirish and Shriya Bhupal (Akhil’s Ex-Flame & GVK’s Granddaughter) went viral on Yesterday. Netizens and a section of media has reached the conclusion that they are more than just friends within no time.

Allu Sirish has issued a clarification Today on his social networking page. Sharing the picture of himself with Shiya Bhupal and a Close Buddy, Mega Hero wrote: ‘With my best friend @sharathred and baby sister Shriya! #weekend #friendsforlife’.

Post this clarification, Nobody would even dare to spread link-up reports any more. Sirish has given a tight slap on the faces of people who jumped into conclusion without checking the facts.

On the professional front, Allu Sirish’s Malayalam debut ‘1971 Beyond Borders’ failed miserable. He is currently working for ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chonnoda’ fame VI Anand’s Thriller.