Amala Akkineni pens an emotional letter questioning media scrutiny


In the past few days, India has seen the worst of entertainment journalism. While BollywoodLife refrained from sensationalising reportage about Sridevi’s demise and revealing sensitive details, a plethora of other news channels and portals did their best to milk the opportunity. Bollywood actresses are often subjected to extreme malicious scrutiny, and to learn that they will be treated similarly post their death was disheartening. Why just Sridevi, take any actress working in the Indian film industry, and you’d hear stories from her about extreme judgement and scrutiny she has faced. An actress would post one picture in a short dress, and hundreds of trolls will pop up calling her names. An actress would change her hair colour and millions of opinion on her choice will pop up online. Samantha Akkineni took to her Facebook page to share a heartfelt message talking about the scrutiny faced by actresses. “Will you let me age gracefully?” she asks.

“Will you let me dress without feeling low self esteem that I am not size zero anymore, nor that I wear the season’s couture?” she further adds in her poetry.

We often compare an actress’ changed looks to what she looked like when she made a debut. “Will you let me stop colouring my hair, let me wear it short, without referring to my long tresses in Pushpak, at 19?”, Amala questions. Check out the complete post here:

She further talks about meaningless questions that she is asked, her weight, the bombarding of messages to attend events. “Will you free me of the box office madness, the TRP wars, Page 3, the likes, the comments, the traps that menacingly surround everything we do?” she says, while asking for some privacy.