Amala Paul Injured At The Shooting Spot


Amala Paul suffered injuries while shooting for the horror flick ‘Adho Andha Paravai Pola’. She not only twisted her right arm but also had a ligament tear while shooting some risky action sequences. Lack of any body double led to this situation.

Initially, Amala thought of continuing the shoot assuming it could be just a sprain. Unit Members, however, decided against taking the risk the pain she is suffering kept increasing.

Doctors made Amala Paul realize the seriousness of her injury after she got admitted to a hospital in Kochi, Kerala. Though she was advised to take rest for few weeks, The ‘Nayak’ Actress is keen to complete the remaining 10 days shoot as early as possible.

Upon receiving numerous Get Well Soon messages, Amala Paul thanked all her well-wishers and told their good wishes will heal her hand much faster.