Why did Amitabh stop endorsing Pepsi


amitabh-pepsiCelebrities gain more profits by endorsing ads and commercial elements than their films and filmy work. India’s most popular man for endorsing any brand will be Sachin tendulkar and Ambitabh bacchan. Big-B is very strong that even international brands wait for his agreement to their brand.

Amitabh is seen in many ad campaigns and recently he skipped his commercials all of a sudden for Pepsi a popular soft drinks brand in world. No one knew the reason behind his sudden skip to this ad and Amitabh explains in his recent interview about the incident that changed his decision over dropping from Pepsi.

Amitabh replies “While I was attending many school functions a school girl asked me why you do endorse Pepsi brand which is called as poison for kids? Those words made a change in me and decided to stop all soft drinks in future too”. So Amitabh is also proving that he is always first to make a step for social awareness.