An Advise To Mahesh Babu Of Mega Family


Varun-tej-kanche-stillsEver since Varun Tej made his entry into tinsel town as a hero, his height and looks got huge compliments. He is often referred as Mahesh Babu from Mega family for that reason. But what’s this Mahesh Babu doing now?

From Chiranjeevi to Mahesh Babu, first of all these heroes established themselves in industry with commercial films and then proved their acting prowess. Later they picked up few art films to showcase their mettle, and their stardom helped such flicks survive. Without creating such stardom first, Varun Tej is however picking artistic and semi-commercial films. Both Mukunda and Kanche fall in similar row and fans are wondered what is this guy trying to prove. ‘Even Pawan Kalyan has proved with commercial films first and later changed his choices’, a fan commented.

Anyway, Puri Jagan’s ‘Ma Amma Mahalakshmi’ (Loafer) might satisfy the urge of mega fans to watch Varun Tej as a commercial hero. But a honest advise from fans to this youngster is, ‘cement your position first as a commercial hero and then pick all these experiments’.

Otherwise at some point of time later, producers might get scared to invest on Varun Tej as his artistic experimental films don’t yield profits. Even through commercial films, one could show variation and stand class apart. Ask Baabai Pawan, he will tell more about it.