Anadala Rakshasi on her glamour journey


Lavanya Tripathi stole the hearts of all with her debut film Andala Rakshasi. After going great guns with films like Doosukeltha, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy,Soggade Chinni Nayana and Srirastu Subhamastu, she lost her steam and got flops like Mister,Radha,Yuddham Sharanam,Vunnadi Okate Zindagi and Intelligent.

In the midst of all this, Lavanya shared her feelings about her glamour journey. On her girl next door tag, she says “Well, I don’t like to carry any tag. I believe, an actor should be like water and must be able to fit into any character. Nobody would like to get typecast, as that would mean you are getting predictable,”

She revealed “I first came to Hyderabad for an ad shoot. I didn’t know that this city was so cool. So when the opportunity to do a Telugu film arose, I seized it. The industry has been very kind to me. Telugu film industry, in particular, has been very welcoming to outsiders.And while I’d like to explore other industries, there’s a level of comfort I find here which is very special. I feel like this is my home ground! ”

On her ups and lows in the industry, she says “To be honest, I’m not a social butterfly and I don’t go to parties just so that I can be a part of certain circles. I’m quite comfortable in my own space. Yes, I host parties too and I’m good friends with some of the people from the industry, but I’m not the kind who would go to parties to build my social network.

I started my career with a big hit and at that time, I didn’t even give much thought to my role or performance. Since then I’ve had a few ups and downs. When you have flops, you try to understand what went wrong. I think I’m in that phase right now and I’m trying to figure out where I’m going right or wrong. But then, an actor has to try different things to understand what they are good at. ”

About Tollywood actresses masala roles, she said “To be honest, there aren’t too many good roles that are being written for women. We cannot just sit at home and do nothing. Sometimes you have to respect the director’s wishes and go along with his vision for the film. Those who criticize us must understand that there aren’t too many strong roles for us and we have to try our level best to make the most of the roles given to us. ”

About the bolder roles, she says “I get irritated whenever people mention ‘glamourous’ roles to me. I mean, we choose films according to the character. It’s a myth that glamour or skin show can get you success. Look at some of the young actresses like Anupama Parameswaran or Sai Pallavi. They have done well despite not doing these so-called glamourous roles. Take Raashi Khanna’s example too. She had done several glamourous roles in the past but it was her performance in ‘Tholi Prema’ that won her praise, and this is because she had a strong character in the film. ”

On pay disparity, Lavanya says “This is happening everywhere, not just in Tollywood. And this is not just restricted to films alone, there’s pay disparity in all walks of life. Having said that, in our industry, I feel sometimes that it’s fair because the heroes do have a lot more to do compared to the heroines. Also, there is are legions of fans who go to theatres only to watch the heroes, so naturally they generate a significant portion of the film’s revenue. To pay the hero more in such a situation would be justified. At the same time, there are also films like ‘Bhaagamathie’ coming up, where women play the lead role. So it’s not all bad. “