Anasuya Back On Social Media


Anasuya Bharadwaj, in February decided that the negativity on Twitter and social media is too heavy to handle and quit the social media.

She said she won’t be returning soon and wanted some rest from the constant judging and pestering from strangers.

The situation that lead for her to take such a decision was, she got involved in a scuffle with an young lad and his parent.

His parent, a lady made a complaint that she broke the mobile phone while they requested a selfie. Anasuya tried to showcase that she did not really break their phone and just denied a selfie.

While she kept tweeting, many did not believe and that lead to her walking out.

Now, as her new film, Rangasthalam, in which she acted as Rangammattha, is releasing she shared an image of her from the movie.

Well, it is ok to enter a world filled with negativity for publicity, perhaps.