Anchor asked Me to do so: Rana Daggubati


NRNMThese days, News Channels have been coming up with new strategies to effectively overcome the huge competition. They weren’t even hesitating to use publicity gimmicks for drawing the attention of the viewers.

Recently, A Promo of Rana Daggubati’s Television Interview became a talk of the town. In the video, The Actor who had come to promote ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ expressed his anguish on the Female Anchor after she sought a clarification on his involvement in Drugs Scandal and the raid of Excise Officials over the parcel he received from a foreign country.

A Twitter Follower asked Rana if he had really yelled at the TV9 Anchor or Was it just for publicity? The Macho Actor replied, ‘She (Anchor) asked me to say it so they can cut a promo’.

If this trend continues, People will start treating every such incident as either fake or pre-planned. Already, Doubts have been raised over the walkout of Dhanush at the halfway stage from interview for asking controversial questions.