Anchor pradeep not attend court today


anchor-pradeep-not-attend-cHYDERABAD: Anchor Pradeep, caught in the drunk and drive case on the night of December 31, did not attend the court again. Pradeep had to appear in Nampally court yesterday. Pradeep is reported to have come to court today after the counseling report was delayed. Pradeep said that he was busy with shooting and he could not attend the court on Wednesday. Pradeep is not expected to attend the court this morning. Pradeep has 178 points in the Pradeep Breath Analyzer Test when caught in drunken drive. Pradeep was absconding for a week after being caught. Later on Monday, Gosh Mahal was accompanied by his father to counseling at the police station.

Pradeep has been directed by the police to appear before the court on Tuesday. Pradeep did not attend yesterday but did not reveal the reasons for that. In the background to attend the court today, it is reported that the police have been forced to go to the court due to the busy shooting. In fact, two cases were registered against Pradeep for using black film for car glasses, along with Drunk and Drive. The court will imprisonment for two days for all those who cross 100 points in the drunk and drive case. Counseling.  In the case of Pradip in the case of attending the court, criticism of social media has been rampant. Will Pradeep attend the court in this backdrop? If you attend, will you be punished like everyone else? Or interest in Fine.