Anchor Rashmi Gathers Support For Her Comments On Rape!


Anchor Rashmi is known for being the that hot laughing girl on Jabardasth and her on-screen chemistry with Sudigaali Sudheer on TV shows.

The actress and anchor has a strong voice on social media and she stands firmly for modern woman and feminism.

She said, “Miniskirts are not the problem but mindset of few men and even women is. Rape came before all this and we should embrace the fact rather than find faults in women all the time!”

She made these comments as one elderly woman said that if women wear mini skirts and go on road, then they are encouraging the rapists and even normal men are being ”forced” to think like predators.

Well, many supported Rashmi on these comments and social media seemed to be in unison talking about her comments and supporting her.

There are few who trolled her and her clothes but mostly she could gain support and open a conversation that is worth of all the time in the world.

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