Anchor Suma’s Son Debuts into Films


Anchor-Suma-Son-Debuts-intoThe latest entrant in Telugu filmdom is Master Roshan Kanakala, son of anchor Suma and actor Rajeev Kanakala. Roshan is playing a significant role in his maiden film ‘Anantham’. Not many know that Suma has a grown up son like Roshan and she is quite upbeat about her son’s passion.

“Right from his childhood, Roshan has been passionate about acting. Though Rajeev has been supportive, I didn’t encourage him much as I was afriad that he may not focus on his studies. And it is the story of ‘Anantham’ that provoked both Rajeev and me to give a nod to Roshan.” Directed by Ramana Lokvarma, the movie has Rajeev Kanakala in a pivotal role. Suma and Rajeev are hoping that this film would fetch their son Roshan good recognition. The music was just released and makers are planning to release the film shortly.