And They Have Done It For Shivam


Shivam-movie-latest-stillWhen Ram’s Friday release Shivam hit the screens, critics and audiences gave it a collective thumbs down especially its excessive runtime. With an unbelievable length of 168 minutes, Shivam team indeed took a great risk and bore the brunt, with the talk getting more and more disappointing with each show. Noticing this restlessness among audiences, Shivam team has finally done the salvage act.

As per the latest reports, Shivam has been trimmed by nearly 20 minutes and the makers edited out all the unnecessary scenes that were causing a huge hindrance to the film’s smooth narrative flow. The shortened version has been playing already and apparently, the response has been a bit encouraging from the audiences. But whether this latest move will help the film’s prospects will be understood by Monday.

As of Tollywood, unlike it’s a highly special film viewing experience like Baahubali or a film that has a strong content like Srimanthudu, it has become a risky proposition for filmmakers to exceed anywhere beyond 140-145 minutes. The same was noticed with Kick 2. Even though the makers shortened Kick 2 by 20 minutes, it did not help the matters. Let’s hope Shivam manages to reach to the shore.