Andrea Jeremiah’s deep lip lock with Ranabir Kapoor?


Andrea-JeremiahSome actresses hide many things. Sometimes they deliver passions publicly. Now in this fast generation every actress reveals her secret passions at any particular moment as they fail to suppress in them. These days’ actresses are making public statements over lip-locks and bed scenes when the actors feel shy to speak a lot about it. This proves that the India is developing.

Well, now we are talking about hot Kollywood singer turned actress Andrea Jeremiah who also acted in a Telugu movie Tadaka in which played wife role of actor Sunil. She gave an interview a famous Tamil Vijay T.V channel and when the anchor asked her a particular question like whom she thinks very hot and handsome and loves to share her lips with him.

She immediately without any hesitation said that her wish to lock her lips with Ranbir Kapoor as he is so cute. Actually sometime ago she was red handedly caught up kissing Kolavery sensation Anirudh. Now she wants to kiss Ranbir Kapoor.

Anybody who wants to kiss this hot girl but she aspires kissing with Ranbir. Well, what Ranbir may think when he hears it..!