Angamaly Diaries Movie Remake in Telugu


Angamaly-Diaries-Movie-RemaSeveral youngsters are entering into the Tollywood these days. They are coming up with small budget films and different concepts.  Even though a majority of them don’t click at the box office, one or two films turning out to be successful.  Even other language films are witnessing the same trend.

A small budget Malayalam flick ‘Angamaly Diaries’ went on to become super hit this year.  The collections are not comparable with a star hero film but, it is a blockbuster if we consider the return on investment.   The basic theme of the movie revolves around local gang wars with a mix of a love story. They have made the film with new actors in Malayalam.  Telugu filmmakers are planning to remake ‘Angamaly Diaries’ in the Telangana backdrop now.

The people who watched the film opine that if it is remade with big heroes, it has the potential to become a much bigger hit.  But the Telugu makers are saying that they will go with newcomers.  ‘Bangalore Days’ was a super hit in Malayalam. But the remake was spoiled in Tamil and it didn’t release in Telugu.  Our makers should learn lessons from such examples.