Has Angelina Jolie found a new ‘toy boy’ after break-up with Brad Pitt?


Angelina-JolieWhen Drake jokingly posted a picture with an empty seat on Instagram saying that he was stood up by Angelina Jolie, little did he know that it would be blown out of proportion by tabloids.

The Australian version of OK! Magazine referred to Drake as Angelina’s new ‘toy boy’ and even called him ‘Daddy Drake’ on the cover. The tabloid claimed that Angelina’s sons Maddox and Pax had been “begging” her to date the Hotline Bling singer and that there was a “real possibility” that she would consider it.

However, Gossip Cop revealed that there is no truth to this. According to the website, OK! referred to a more-than-a-decade-old interview of Drake saying that he loves older women to substantiate its claim that he was pursuing Angelina, which is quite far-fetched in itself.

Meanwhile, Angelina’s estranged husbandBrad Pitt has also been the subject of baseless rumours. Last month, reports were doing the rounds that Brad had moved on to Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, but it was revealed to be false. Before that, it was speculated that Kate Hudson was pregnant with his child, which also turned out to be untrue.