Angry Mega Fans Burn RGV’s Effigies


RGV-Satire-on-FriendsOf late, eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma has been frequently targeting the Mega heroes. Recently, RGV unleashed his fury on Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee, followed by Chiru’s cameo. RGV went on to say that Chiru made a huge mistake by acting in Bruce Lee and also by choosing a Tamil film for his most awaited comeback film.

While the Mega camp, like thousands of RGV’s followers, conveniently ignored RGV’s rants, the Mega fans took offence and unleashed their angst. Today, a large group of Mega fans in Vizianagaram and came on to the streets and burned RGV’s effigy and even performed the funeral rituals to RGV’s effigy.

Not stopping here, the angry fans then warned RGV of not to mess with Chiru or his family and even warned him to be prepared for dire consequences  if he continues his loose talk on Megastar, Powerstar and even Ram Charan.

The fans then suggested Varma to concentrate on his films and make them successful instead of resorting to the tricks of targeting the Mega family for cheap publicity. But will RGV even bother to pay heed to these suggestions?