Anjali Joins Kajal and Samantha for Balayya Next Movie


Anjali-in-Balayya-Next-MoviYes, These are the three heroines who are under consideration to play the female lead in Balakrishna’s upcoming film under Boyapati Srinu direction. The role of leading lady in this commercial potboiler is said to be very powerful and the story revolves around this character. As a result, Makers are taking utmost care to find the right match for Balayya and the one who could fit the bill.

Earlier, Both Nayantara and Anushka were considered for the role. However, the makers dropped the idea as Nayan has already acted with Balayya twice and Anushka on the other hand is busy with Rudrama Devi and Bahubali for the next one year.

As of now, Producers are thinking on casting one among Kajal and Anjali. The chances of Anjali bagging the offer were high because Kajal is averse to romance 50-plus heroes and Sam is busy with multiple assignment for the next six months. The Telugu girl scored brownie points with performance-oriented roles in Journey, SVSC and Balupu. Signing Balayya-Boyapati’s combo flick is the next big thing to achieve. Hope luck favours Anjali!

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