Another Heroine Joins Pawan Fan Brigade


Kajal-Agarwal-angryKajal is the newest heroine who is singing praises of her co-star Pawan Kalyan. It is known that many heroines who aspire to work with Pawan go on praising about him and it is a norm in all industries to praise each other to hint that they want to work with each other. So in that order, Kajal too has been praising the tweets of Pawan.

It is known that Pawan has been tweeting about land acquisition in capital zone. So, Kajal has called him a tweeting sensation and she says his tweets are nothing short of sensation.

Well, usually, such acts are common before one gets a film. But in Kajal’s case, it is the other way round. She has been offered Sardaar-Gabbar Singh at a time when her career was almost fading off and it is a dream-come-true role for Kajal.

So, it is not surprising for her to praise Pawan to the skies like all heroines of today.