Another Opportunity For This Heroine?


Naveen-Vijaya-KrishnaNawin Vijay Krishna’s latest film ‘Vithalacharya’ has commenced recently.  It is known that Nawin is the son of senior hero Naresh.  Nawin has debuted Tollywood with ‘Nandini Nursing Home’.. and this is his second film.  Anisha Ambrose is finalized as the heroine of the film.

Anisha was the heroine in recently released ‘Fashion Designer’.  The movie turned out to be a disaster but this Vizag beauty has got another opportunity in the form of ‘Vithalacharya’.  We can say that she is lucky because she doesn’t have a single hit in her career till now.  She has debuted in Telugu films with ‘Alias Janaki’ four years ago.  She has appeared in a short film titled ‘Pawan Kalyan Premalo Paddadu’.. Cameo in Pawan film ‘Gopala Gopala’.. she has done ‘Run’.. ‘Manamantha’.  She acted in Kannada films like ‘Second Hand Lover’.. ‘Karva’.  Malayalam film ‘Vismayam’.

Her recent film is Vamsy’s ‘Fashion Designer’.. and it also turned out to be a failure.  Going by the track record of Anisha Ambrose, she must have been labelled as ‘iron leg’ by now.. but she is lucky that no one is calling her and moreover she is getting offers.