Another ‘Telugu’ Heroine goes missing!


Colors-SwathiWell, in Telugu Cinema only those heroines that come from other languages have a chance to settle down and become big heroines while the actresses from Telugu origin just remain waiting for some good opportunities until they give up on them completely. Another heroine, who even sang songs, gave voice to other actresses has gone missing!

Colors Swathi, who captured audience imagination as an anchor in the TV show and even successfully migrated to big screen in her films like Astha Chemma, Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya just fizzled out after a disaster like Tripura. While the movie was believed to be the big break for the actresses, it did give her long break from Telugu Cinema.

Now, the actress is in Chennai completing her movies in Tamil. Both the movies she has been. Busy shooting are not any biggies but the actress hopes for them to be hits to improve her chances of securing even better opportunities. She got huge recognition as Subramanyapuram girl in Tamil and Telugu and her hopes are pinned on her next two releases. She also had her set of rumours that she is looking to marry costar Krishna earlier but they turned out to be baseless. We hope Telugu producers at least medium budget makers are noticing such talents and look to break the trend!