ANR Spent His Last Days On This Set: Nagarjuna


ANR-Spent-His-Last-Days-On-A massive fire mishap in Annapurna Studios resulted in a loss of Rs 2 crore. The lavish set built for ‘Manam’ got burnt to ashes due to short circuit.

Soon after receiving information about the fire accident, Akkineni Nagarjuna rushed to Annapurna Studios. ‘My Father ANR spent his last days in ‘Manam’ set. We used to spend most of the time here while shooting for the movie. All of our family members have a special bonding with it. That’s why we didn’t remove this set even after five years. It pains me that it got burnt completely,’ he said while speaking to the media persons.

There were no people in the set when the short circuit happened. Or else, The damage could have been irreparable. Staff of Annapurna Studios alerted the Fire Stations soon after they saw flames. Fire Safety Personnel worked for two hours at a stretch to put off the fire.

Not just Nagarjuna, Entire Akkineni Family & those who admire ANR were upset over the fire mishap. It will take few days for them to come out of such a big shock.