ANS competes with Manam


ANS-and-manamAs usual, Naga Chaitanya’s Auto Nagar Surya is creating records after records by missing the release date consecutively. On four or more occasions, this flick failed to hit screens leaving both Nag and Chaitu in dismay. But the thing is, will ANS get a chance to release in March at least? May not be, says observers. The prestigious Akkineni family project ‘Manam’ is schedule for Ugadi release probably on March 28th or 31st. In that case, it is not advisable for Chaitu to test waters before a classic sizzles on screen from their family. Any altercation in ANS result will affect Manam too.

Will Nagarjuna flash green signal for Auto Nagar Surya release before Manam or he wants ANS completely to be out of screen until Manam releases and finishes its long run at theatres, is the question.