Anushka Beats Prabhas, Rana


Baahubali-2-huge-release-kaSS Rajamouli has made some shocking revelations during his magnum opus Baahubali films – Baahubali : The Beginning and Baahubali : The Conclusion – which were made over the period of 5 years (including its pre-production stages). While Anushka’s weight variation in Beginning and Conclusion has been subject of discussion, Rajamouli has finally opened up on the issue and set the record straight.

Letting the cat out of the bag, SS Rajamouli said that Anushka has drastically cut down through exercises after Size Zero and before the shoot of Conclusion. “In fact, Anushka had worked harder in the gym than her costars Prabhas, Rana. Usually, I get scared seeing the way Prabhas, Rana work out in the gym. But Anushka amazed me with her hard work. She did lose her extra kilos. One could see the scenes of Anushka and Prabhas’ arrow how slim she looks. But when she went to Romania for the shoot of a Tamil film. During then, she had a thigh injury in the extreme snow which she didn’t notice initially. But she later realised and doctor had advised her complete bed rest. During when, she gained her weight again as she couldn’t do exercises,” explains Rajamouli.

“That’s when Anushka put on kilos again. So, she looked different in a few other scenes. But when we are making such a huge film with large span, it’s difficult to maintain that uniformity,” adds Rajamouli.