Anushka Hires Mumbai Trainer


Anushka Hires Mumbai TrainerAnushka Shetty has finally taken it as a challenge to lose the excess flab she had put on around the shooting of the film “Size Zero”. While the film did not do well at the box office, it did add extra kilos to the Baahubali leading lady.

Though she tried many methods to shed off extra kilos, she failed. So, now she has hired a Mumbai fitness trainer to get into shape. Apparently, she is working out for eight hours daily and she is said to be mighty happy with initial results.

Anushka is barely seen at her home these days as she has completely devoted her time for workouts and gym has become her second home, a source reveals.

Anushka’s target is to lose 20 kilos and her new trainer is said to be quite a pro who had trained several Bollywood stars to get six pack abs and size zero figures.

The source adds that after working out with her trainer, Anuskha is confident of shedding flab. For now, she is said to be spending her time commuting between her home in Jubilee Hills and her gym.

Also, she is said to have decided to stay off the party scene till she achieves her target. It is known that she is friends with a lot of Tollywood heroes. But she will stick to her strict regimen till she sees complete results, the source says.