Anushka Love Affair With Tamil Hero


Anushka-Love-Affair-With-TaThere was a time when rumours about Anushka’s love affair were doing the rounds in the industry. Anushka had declared that she was seeing somebody and that she would soon get married and leave the industry for good. However, she was careful about not disclosing the identity of the person she was seeing. But the affair did not last and Anushka continues to be a part of the industry.

Right now, Anushka is part of some big budget ventures and has entered the Rs 200 crore business league. The latest about her personal life is that she is seeing Tamil hero Arya. It is heard that Arya is following the Shetty girl wherever she goes. He is said to be looking after her when he gets a break from his shooting schedules.

Recently, when Anushka was in Hyderabad for the shooting of Rani Rudrama Devi, Arya followed her here. Anushka had to undergo special fitness training for the film and Arya was there for her. So, the rumour mills are rife that they are in love. Wonder what Anushka has to say about this.

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