Anushka One More Historical Film!


Anushka-Historical-FilmThe message is loud and clear. Anushka Shetty is no more going to accept regular glamour based characters wherein heroes dominate the show. The recently released ‘Varna, Rudhramadevi’ and of course ‘Bahubali’ have put Sweety in altogether a different league. She is no more used as the name in comparisons for top heroine race because Anushka’s craze reached an ultimate peak threatening some of the heroes too.

Meanwhile, here comes news that Anushka soon after wrapping up ‘Bahubali 2’ has decided to join director Ashok for historical fiction based film ‘Bhagmathi.’ Though this project hit the headlines long ago when the lanky actress was doing ‘Rudhramadevi,’ later the news faded off with Ashok directing Anjali as ‘Chithrangada’ took centre stage. As ‘Chithrangada’ is in final post production stages with producers searching for an apt release date, Ashok began to divert the attention on ‘Bhagmathi.’

For next one year or so from this December, there is no time for Anushka to allot any time for ‘Bhagmathi’ due to ‘Bahubali 2’ schedules. It is tough time ahead for this talented actress to get into the skin of many powerful characters coming her way.