Anushka regrets missing This Film


Anushka-goes-the-Kamal-HaasAnushka declares Rudramadevi can’t be treated as a story which is set in a single state as Kakaitya Dynasty is spread all over the South. She believes tha the historical film is a good emotional story and Gunasekhar has done a fantastic job.

No reference for Rudramadevi’s role: “When I googled to know more about ‘Rudramadevi’ after signing the movie, I had seen only my photos in the search and it eventually scared me as my photo replaced a woman who created a history and Rs 70-80 crore has been invested ob the movie believing in me. I would say Gunasekhar’s Wife Ragini is my real-life Rudramadevi and her support has been immense for this project”.

Director’s Delight: “I’m a Director’s Actor and does anything to satisfy him. I would be happy if Director says ‘YES’ when I ask ‘Are You Satisfied’. I just copy-paste whatever the director does on the sets”.

The Senior Actress admits she isn’t as strong as Rudramadevi be it physically or mentally and can’t sacrifice her life to such an extent.

Anushka appreciates Allu Arjun and Rana for agreeing to act in ‘Rudramadevi’ inspite of the fact that she is playing the title role. She claims to be respecting heroes even more after doing female-oriented films as she realised how hard they work to be part of superb dances and fights. ‘Hats of to them,’ she quips.

Not many knew, Anushka loves watching French, Iranian and Korean Films. She even loves playing Cinderilla on the screen and hopes she would be approached for such character one day.

Lastly, Anushka regrets missing the opportunity to play ‘Seetha’ in ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’. She turned down the offer due to date issues when Srikanth Addala approached her for Anjali’s role.