Anushka replaced by Nithya Menon in Arundhati 2


anushka-nithya-menonThe gorgeous Anushka Shetty who galloped her way to stardom instantaneously post the super-success of Arundhati is shockingly being replaced by yet another actress in Arundhati 2.

Anushka Shetty simply fitted the role of Arundhati so well that she earned the film’s name for herself immediately after its blockbuster performance. It would be hard for the fans to imagine some other face for the role of Arundhati.

The buzz is actress Nithya Menon is being considered to play this iconic role and undoubtedly the actress will be burdened with a lot of expectations rather she will have to excel the image established by Anushka Shetty, which seems to be an almost impossible task.

Producer Mallemala Shyam Prasad Reddy is known to make heroine-centric films on a big-budget and, in fact, he had invested Rs 13 crores in Arundhati and surprisingly the film churned over Rs 40 crores.

However, we wonder if the producer is making the right move in choosing Nithya Menon for the role of Arundhati and also if the audience will ever accept such a change.