Anushka Rudramadevi Jewelry Recovered


Rudhramadevi-Jewellery-Stol1.5 kgs Jewelry worth Rs 45 lakh used for Anushka starrer ‘Rudramadevi’ went missing from sets in Ramanaidu Studios few days ago. Finally, police have a clue. The jewellary designed by the famous Neetu Lulla were crafted at Nathella Anjaneyulu Chetty Jewelers (NAC) based in Chennai. The shop management thought of putting the jewelry in display post wrap up of the shoot, so they used original gold to make the ornaments.

Police have finally found a clue of this missing jewelry. Ravi Subrahmanyam, who works as executive at NAC Jewellers is major suspect in the case.

Ravi’s wife in a statement to police stated that her husband bought 10 kgs of gold to home which she thinks is mixture of original and fake gold. Police will clarify everything after examining Ravi soon.

So, Rudramadevi shooting will resume shortly.