Anushka’s Biggest Regret in Life!


anu-shkaAnushka stunned the whole industry with her performance in Arundathi and now reached a stage where she got a lifetime opportunity to play a historical role like Rudhramadevi.

Well everyone assume that Anushka is extremely lucky to have got prestigious films like these. Of course she is partly lucky and did strive hard to earn this. However on the flip side, even she regrets missing one particular role in her career and feels it as the biggest regret in her acting career so far.

It is nothing but Seetha’s role in Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Director Sreekanth Addala initially narrated the role to Anushka and she instantly fell in love with the character. But due to her prior commitments and date adjustments, she missed which later went on to give stardom to yet another talented actress Anjali.

Anushka even complimented actress Anjali’s performance in the film. Well, one’s loss is one’s gain and this is how the showbiz world is!