Anushka’s Pic With Team India Draws Flak


The High Commission of India in London hosted Team India on Tuesday. Presence of Virat Kohli’s Wife with Team India when they were on an official visit raised many eye-brows.

BCCI passed an order barring Wives and Girlfriends of the Indian Cricketers from accompanying their partners until the end of first three Tests against England. Then, How could Anushka Sharma accompany the Indian Skipper here? While wives & children of other cricketers were asked to stay way, The Bollywood Actress received a special treatment. What is that message Virat Kohli and BCCI wants to send to the people?

BCCI, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma received backlash soon after the photograph of Team India at the High Commission of India in London was shared online. Have a look at some of the negative reactions…

‘Vice captain is in last row and First Lady of Indian cricket is in front row. These people giving lecture online few days back’.

‘Why BCCI allows someone’s wife at official tour… Please confirm Is your team mens are at work or on honeymoon’.

‘Why is Anushka here? She is at the center while the vice captain is at the end. lol whatta joke’.

‘BCCI has lost the little credibility it had after posting this picture!’.

‘Omg…when Anushka Sharma started playing for indian team??’.

‘The problem here is that bcci has banned family members after the test series started. Why special privileges to someone?’.

‘Why is anushka sharma there? she’s not a part of team india. This isn’t acceptable’.