April 20th Is Special For Mahesh, Not For Bharat Anu Nenu


Apparently, Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Anu Nenu is gearing up for a massive release on April 20th with the screen count likely to end up as a record of sorts in Telugu industry history. More than that, this particular date has another importance for the Superstar.

We hear that Mahesh’s mother Indiramma celebrates her birthday on 20th of April. So what would be a better occasion than that for a son’s film to release on her mom’s birthday? That’s the reason the Superstar is feeling quite special about this movie as he’s confident that he will deliver a stunner on that day.

Mahesh is quite close to his mother and on many family related occasions, we’ve seen him helping her walk into the event hand in hand. Every time the actor goes abroad, he brings some sort of gifts for his mom even if he forgets to bring one for his children. That’s the kind of bonding he’s having.

Also, we hear that the film has a small thread of CM Bharath’s parents, especially his mother, teaching him the standards to follow to live ethically and implementing them as a Chief Minister follows the whole of the story. So Bharat Anu Nenu has also that Mom connect.