AR Rahman Praises Baahubali


AR-Rahman-Praises-BaahubaliAfter the film’s gigantic success and a heavy downpour of accolades from all quarters, here’s a memorable moment for the jubilated Baahubali team. India’s pride and double Oscar-winning music composer, AR Rahman has praised Baahubali after he watched the film recently. What’s more, he compared Baahubali with none other than the Oscar-winning film, Life of Pi.

Sharing a few appreciative words about the film, Rahman posted on his Facebook page, “After ‘life of Pi’, the Indian masterpiece Bahubali seduced me all the way to the theatre and back with a lingering good taste ..Feeling Yes! we can do this and even more …”

In the past too, Rahman didn’t shy away from lauding Rajamouli’s magnum opus Magadheera’s second part, which was full of top-notch VFX. The musical wizard’s heartfelt words this time around too will tell the world what the film is capable of, a couple of months before its international release.