Aravind To Try Rajamouli for Bunny


bunny-rajamouliThe Mega combination of Allu Aravind and SS Rajamouli for ‘Magadheera’ lived up to the expectations. What happened behind the screen is although not our subject of interest but ‘Magadheera’ left Rajamouli humiliating during the production and post production is a rumor which still finds some acceptance and strength. As Jakkanna being a tough task master with lot of support from big heads, he came out with flying colors working under Allu Aravind.

Later on, Rajamouli revealed at many occasions on never to re-work on such projects. Apparently, Allu Arjun’s superb portrayal of Gona Ganna Reddy in ‘Rudhramadevi’ is evaluated by cinema critics in a different angle. After Rajamouli pouring appreciations on Bunny for lifting ‘Rudhramadevi’ both on screen and off screen with his presence, there is a strong buzz on Allu Arjun and SS Rajamouli might team up for a project in near future.

Rajamouli is the ultimate director in working out emotions and heroism. At the same time, Allu Arjun is acknowledged as a superb actor balancing many characters with plenty of shades in recent times. Bunny as Gona Ganna Reddy passed a very big test and this will automatically delight the gossipmongers to germinate on new combinations. If Arjun and Jakkanna joins as a team; that would be a wonder and Allu Aravind will be the first happiest person to invest undeterred by past events.