After Arjun Reddy, It’s 3 Hours Political Drama


Sandeep-ReddyDirector Sandeep Reddy defied the practice of making feature films with a run time of anywhere around 2-and-a-half hours. He came up with a gutsy film like ‘Arjun Reddy’ which lasted for about 180-minutes.

In a recent interview, A Student asked Sandeep Reddy about his opinion on Jana Sena Party and whether if he have any plans to make a Political Drama in future. The Filmmaker replied, ‘I am a crazy fan of Chiranjeevi & Pawan Kalyan. Jana Sena is a powerful idea and the name itself has got lot of weight. I love Pawan’s speeches at Political Meetings’.

Sandeep Reddy said he would love to do a political film but for that he need to do a lot of research. ‘Three Topics we discuss mostly are Cinema, Politics & Sports. People have lot of knowledge about them. There are lot of details involved in it. So far, We have seen only dramatic details. Actual details were never brought out on the screen. If you explore it perfectly without a single song, People gonna love it. That’s my gut feeling! I would wish to do a serious political drama lasting for 3 hours, but I can’t say when this project gonna materialize,’ he told.