Arjun Reddy Can Finally Come on TV!


Arjun-reddyIn India, Censor boards are highly strict and when it comes to telecasting any movie on Television, it should have U/A certification and ‘A’ certified movies should be re-censored as they need to be shown for wider range of audience at homes. That’s the reason Pokiri has more cuts and mutes than original on TV.

Well, recently Arjun Reddy movie has got an ‘A’ certificate from censors and many dialogues have been muted due to crass language. When it has been shown on Television, it needs to be re-edited. Fearing that the movie might lose it’s essence, satellite channels have been thinking about buying the rights of the movie for sometime.

Normally, satellite for small to medium budget movies with new cast will be done post release and Arjun Reddy, even though became a blockbuster success had to settle for 3.5 crores deal. For 3 crores, Zee Television has been going forward and backward trying to get to the grips of the “A” situation. But Star Maa went ahead with the bid and they got the movie rights. Soon, they are planning to announce telecast after trimming down the objectionable content to “U/A” level.