Arjun Reddy Satires On Mega Background


Young actors Vijay Devarakonda and Allu Sirish hosted the prestigious Filmfare Awards event which took place recently. A video showcasing a funny conversation between the hosts is now breaking the internet. Here is what all happened.

Vijay Devarakonda started pulling the leg of Allu Sirish saying “Never in his life Allu Sirish gave an audition because he is born rich and has Audi in Audition, so he calls it Audi-tion. Sirish is so rich that he never gave an audition”.

Vijay Devarakonda managed to display the picture of Allu Sirish at the age of 2 years. A picture of Sirish along with Ramcharan in which the duo has been sipping a soft drink. Vijay Devarakonda showed another video of a small kid practicing some stunts naming that the kid was himself. He even said that he was hardworking from the age of two years.

It was during this time Sirish bounced back asking Vijay to perform those stunts now for the audience which left him in shock. Vijay replied that he is 28 now and cannot perform them. The celebrities who graced the Filmfare event have been left in laughter with the funny conversation between Vijay Devarakonda and Allu Sirish.