Arpita Khan’s emotional speech at her wedding


The young bride wrote down a little speech for her family and wanted to go up on stage and read it out to them. But she got so emotional that she started to choke. She went up to Priyanka Chopra and requested her to read it on her behalf. PC then came up on stage and told the guests, ‘Arpita is afraid she might break down, so I am going to read out what she has to say…’

“I am the luckiest girl to be brought up in a family like mine,” Arpita wrote in her speech, adding that her brothers are her pillars of strength. “Sohail bhai and I shared the same room until he got married — he’s like a friend to me. Arbaaz bhai is like my guide, he always told me what’s good and what’s bad. Salman bhai though, has the biggest heart. For him, I can do no wrong. Everything I did, he was there to support me.”

Arpita also said she considers herself lucky to have a father like Salim, and mothers like Salma and Helen.

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