Arrambam SWOT Analysis


Arrambam-SWOT-AnalysisArrambam, this 8 letter word is reverberating in the social networking world for the past 10 days or so. #Arambam hash tag is featuring in top Twitter India trends consistently for the past 10 days. Anyone who opened their facebook in the past week or so must have seen many posts showing Arrambam banner photos displayed at various theaters across the state. In the past 4 days or so, it’s impossible for anyone who uses online social networks to miss facebook posts or tweets such as “Arrambam bookings Opened”…..”Arrambam tickets sold out”…..”Hey got my tickets for Arrambam”……”Yayyyy..will be watching Arrambam first day first show”….and so on and so forth. That’s not all, the Arrambam has also become prevalent topic of discussion among Chennai public. Whether it’s a road side tea shop or a posh cafeteria, everyone is discussing about this movie’s release. With multiples of theaters being added everyday and number of screens being increased every few hours, Arrambam is gearing up for biggest ever release a movie may have got in the history of Tamil cinema. This movie has created so much hype that even people from neighboring states are eagerly looking forward to it’s release. This Ajith-Vishnuvardhan combination, who earlier together delivered the blockbuster Billa, has taken the pre release hype of this movie to new heights.  Now let’s take a closer look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats for this year’s Thala’s humungous Deepavali release.


Though his last release fell short of reaching expectations, Ajith’s craze is at it’s pinnacle right now and that’s exactly the reason for mammoth release of Arrambam. Ajith as a star can boast of a cult fan base who would go and watch his movies irrespective of the result and hence his fans are his biggest strength. Vishnuvardhan, who is known for making movies stylishly and who earlier delivered Billa, which went onto become a blockbuster surpassing everyone’s expectations, is directing Arrambam. The lethal combination of Ajith-Vishnu has raised the curiosity among the audience. Ever since the title was finalized, from the time the posters showing Ajith’s look in this movie got released, the expectations started to rise exponentially. Other factors such as Arya being part of this movie (who recently tasted success at the box office with Raja Rani), Nayantara (who was earlier part of Billa) being paired up again with Ajith, trailer of the movie looking very stylish can be counted as additional strengths. A Deepavali release, which amidst all the expectation with a humongous release surrounded with lot of positive vibes further adds to the strengths of this movie.


Songs of this movie, which were released amidst huge expectations got average reception from the public. Only 2 of the 5 songs are good. Also, in a recent trailer it looked like a full song on Arya and Tapsee will be placed in the movie, which obviously did not go well with Ajith fans. Another thing to consider is when Vishnuvardhan makes movies, they either become big hit or fall completely flat at the box office. Sarvam and Panja, which were his two directorial ventures after Billa,  were not well received by the audience. So though there are lot of positive vibes surrounding this movie and the makers seems to be oozing confidence about it’s box office success, an average movie lover may not be able to stop himself from contemplating these facts. Being superstitious sometimes can add to the weaknesses. For instance, Tapsee and Rana, who are casted in this movie have not tasted  box office success in a long time, so this might look like a latent weakness to the audience who are superstitious.


Releasing for Diwali and at a time when other movies are almost at the end of their full run has presented  the biggest ever release opportunity to Arrambam. For instance, Mayajal (a 16 screen multiplex) is screening 91 shows on Day 1. Abirami, Devi, AGS Villivakkam, Ags Navlur, Woodlands, Sangam, Udayam, Rakki, Murugan, Rohini, Sri Ganga, Vetri etc. all these multiplexes are screening Arrambam on all their screens on Day 1. Even sathyam, Escape, Inox, PVR and  Fame also have planned for maximum shows. Advannce bookings were opened on last Friday and already there are no tickets available on any of the main screens till Nov 2, Sunday. To keep up with the demand, theaters are cancelling special shows of the movies which are going to open on Nov 1st and allocating those slots to show Arrambam. This explains why Arrambam will easily beat existing First day, First weekend and first week records. Furthermore, not only in Chennai but Arrambam is releasing in highest number of screens in  Kerala, Karnataka and Overseas as well.  So if the movie manages to get a good talk then this movie will effortlessly topple all the existing box office records.


Since this movie is getting such big release, it needs to offer decent content to sustain in the long run. Though Krrish 3, which is releasing on next day may not impact Arrambam much, AAA and Pandianadu may offer some stiff opposition. So if the movie falters in terms of content then it would be very difficult to sustain beyond week 1 and in which case recovery of the movie budget will be in question. Another big threat is piracy. All Tamil movies suffer from the piracy effect so it is needless to say that piracy is a big threat. Just to give an idea about how fast the pirates act, by the time the 4AM show of Ajith’s Mankata ended, a full print of the movie appeared in the internet. So if piracy can be curbed in any which way possible then that will offer additional mileage to this movie.

Here we are wishing all the very  best to ARRAMBAM team. We hope that this movie will overcome all the weaknesses and threats in it’s way and make full use of the opportunity presented to it.