Asin Gets 6 Crore Engagement Ring!


asinIf at all Asin is a forgotten name for South and North Indian film lovers, let us remind you… she was a top heroine from Kerala enjoyed super good times in films acting besides star heroes. As days can never be the same, Asin Thottumkal decided to get settled in life by finding a right life partner in top businessman Rahul Sharma. Although, details about both of them being in love and planning to marry in next few months are official, here comes the news on engagement.

Rahul presented Asin with an Engagement ring during their marriage proposal. This was the first time they both opened their hearts to begin a new life journey. Till now they have yet not been engaged formally. So, Rahul surprised Asin by gifting her 20 carat solitaire ring imported from Belgium. The ring is reportedly valued at 6 Crores and Rahul bought it from a designer friend.

The ring has a monogram engraved with letters AR meaning, A for Asin and R for Rahul. The ring is made of precious diamonds and the golden band. As soon as Asin’s professional commitments come to a closure, marriage and engagement dates are to be announced officially.