Attempt made to kidnap My Daughter: Kamal Haasan


Kamal-HaasanKamal Haasan disclosed real-life incident inspired him to pen the story of National Award-winning flick ‘Mahanadi’ (1994). He not only acted in this movie, but also penned the story and screenplay.

Plot: Protagonist’s Daughter is being kidnapped and forced to be a sex worker after being sexually exploited by a Rich Businessman. At last, Hero manages to trace his Daughter and takes revenge on people who ruined her Life.

In his recent interview, Kamal Haasan revealed: ‘My Domestic Help conspired to kidnap My Daughter for ransom. Even a recce had been conducted. Accidentally, I came to know about the whole conspiracy. I was so angry and even ready to kill them for My Daughter’s safety. That’s when I realized good sense is more useful than anger. I was supposed to write a new script but I kept delaying it since a month. I had sat down and completed the script. Until now, I hadn’t revealed it to anyone. My Daughters (Shruti, Akshara) are now old enough to understand and hence I am revealing it now’.